Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thank You

Ok, I'm an 80s girl.  I wore neon colors like nobody's business.  So, when I was at a garage sale a few weeks ago, and I saw this paper with neon pink and orange polka dots, I had to have it.  I have no idea who made this paper, unfortunately.  I thought it made such a cute background for a nice, simple card.  I wanted a make a Thank You card that just said what it meant and showcased the awesome colors.  I did that by keeping the rest of the card to white- including the shadow of the sentiment.  

I used New Arrival to make this.  I'm still on my quest to show my husband that I can use my baby themed cartridges for other things than just baby stuff, since there are no babies here to use those cuts for.  

I plan to enter this in the following challenge:
DL Art- Thank You
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  1. I'm an 80's girl too and I think your card is darling!!

  2. A wonderful card!!


  3. Too cute, love the colors.