Friday, January 16, 2015

I'm still here

Whoa, I just realized it's been a MONTH and an HALF since my last post!  What happened?  Well, Christmas vacation happened- we took a fun trip to Niagara Falls for awhile in there, plus family and friend get togethers, etc.  Also, a bathroom renovation that took a wrong turn and turned into a complete redo of the plumbing for the bathroom AND laundry room (which is directly behind the bathroom)...and still isn't done.  Last, a lot of my crafting has been Project Life and scrapbook pages, which tend to be more personal and aren't things that I necessarily want to share online.

ANYWAY, as a peace offering, here are the official 2014 Christmas cards.  I found a print on Pinterest, traced it into my cameo, and cut it out.    I used some kraft cardstock for the bases, then white cardstock on top of that, and then either red or green for the top layer.  Clean and simple.  The hardest part was all of the tiny pieces inside of the letters like "a" and "e."

I've also made a few card bases with some of the stamps I got for Christmas, but they don't have any sentiments on them yet because that allows me to use them for whatever situation comes up that I want to use them for.  I'll try to get a photo of those and get them up soon.

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