Monday, July 23, 2012

New Blog Linky Party at My Crafting Channel

If you are somewhat new to blogging or you have less than 500 followers, and if you would like more exposure and to meet more crafty friends, you can link your blog to this party that is being hosted by My Crafting Channel.

Here are the rules:
* Be a follower of My Crafting Channel
* Post her button (available on her website) on your sidebar
* Create a new blog post titled New Blog Linky Party at My Crafting Channel
and visit her page to READ THE RULES before you link up (and make sure that you mention that to others in your post, so that they don't get disqualified).
In your post, also make sure to mention that the Party is a way to get to more exposure, and find new inspiration, and mention and link back to My Crafting Channel.
* Go to My Crafting Channel to get the link up code, which you'll put into your post.  
* Start spreading the word so everyone can join.
* Visit, follow, and comment on as many as you can--maybe everyone's blog that joins the party? If you do not do the above your link will be deleted, because it's just not fair to those who work so hard linking up and showing love to the ones on the list. 

Link Up Party runs from Saturday 7/22 to Saturday 7/30

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  1. Hi Becky,
    Thanks for sharing. As soon as I see a link awaiting moderation from you I will get it approved.

    My Crafting Channel

    1. Thanks! It should be there now, I hope. I tried a bunch of times and kept getting an error message- but I deleted the html and pasted it again and I think it finally worked. I guess my html skills still need a little work. ;)

  2. Thank you so much Becky! And thanks for sharing my blog :) I've gotta say, Your snowman couple card is so cute!


  3. I found you through the Linky Party at My Crafting Channel. I'm following you and hope you will follow me too.