Friday, August 5, 2011


When we moved into our first home, there was a nail in the front door at the perfect level to hang a wreath.  Inspired, I decided to give it a go. 
I love fall- it's my favorite season.  It seemed fitting that my first attempt at a wreath was a fall wreath.  Here I used a grapevine wreath and some fake flowers and leaves that I got at Michaels.  I just hot glued them in and presto!  Not too fancy, but a fun first wreath, and overal it's the one that has held up the best to the intense heat that comes through the glass of our storm door.

Next came our Christmas wreath.  I picked a big, burgandy bow that I found at Hobby Lobby for the bottom of the wreath and built the rest of the wreath around it.  The wreath itself is fake-pine.  I added some frosted pinecones, ball ornaments, flowers, & berries that I got at Michaels.  The ornaments are put on with wire; the rest was hot glued. 

Easter came next!  I got the styrofoam wreath and green bow at Michaels. Our door is green, so the bow matches well.  The eggs and Easter grass are from Meijer.  I hot glued the eggs on and then hot glued the grass in between the eggs to fill it in.  The only problem with this wreath was that the sun gets really hot on our front door and seemed to melt the hot-glue from some of the eggs.  As they fell off, I put a thumbtack through them, put hot glue on the thumbtack, and stuck it back into place.  That worked a lot better and kept them on!  Note: if you have a dog, be careful using this type of Easter grass.  It's really bad for them and Sophie appears to think it is delicious, which is a bad combination. Have a vacuum cleaner on hand, because it will get EVERYWHERE.

My last wreath is my summer wreath, which hangs on my door right now.  I bought a styrofoam wreath at Michaels and the umbrellas at Party City.  I just cut the stick partway off and stuck them in.  I believe I sat on the living room floor and watched a movie on TV while I did it- it was a nice way to pass the time.  Here's the problem- it was beautiful and bright when I made it.  After being in the sun for a few months, most of the umbrellas are now a light pastel.  I may need to re-make this wreath each summer.

I should note that the last two wreaths were made from ideas that I picked up from various places around the internet.  I didn't come up with them, I just recreated them for myself.
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