Sunday, August 28, 2011

A few cards

I've been working on and off on making some cards.  As I mentioned, part of the deal in getting a Cricut was to promise to make all of our birthday and Christmas cards from now until I die.  But I don't have a lot of the material that I feel I need to have to make really nice cards like I've been seeing in the tutorials on YouTube.  So they aren't quite as good as those.  Here's a sampling of what I've done so far.

This was my first card, for my husband's cousin, who also was the "ring girl" in our wedding.  It was her 11th birthday.  I used a premade blank card that I got from the dollar bin at Target and some ribbon that I believe came in a pack from Michaels.  The saying, dog, and present are from Paper Pups, which is one of my fav cartridges.  I thought it was a kind of lame card, compared to some I've seen, but it seemed to get the 11 year old stamp of approval.

This monster card is one I made for my sister.  She's starting her 4th year of college and applying for grad school, so I wanted to send her a little pick-me-up.  She likes monsters and ugly and weird things, so it was perfect.  I made it with my Wild Card cartridge.  I was disappointed to find out that my baby bug can't cut the envelopes for many of the cards, so I had to stick it in a plain old A2 sized envelope.  Most of the paper is from the Cricut cardstock that came in my Cricut Essentials kit, except for the pink paper which has been in my stash so long that I can only assume it's from my dollar tree days when I first started scrapbooking.

And last, but not least, this card was made for my sister-in-law, who just finished her first week of college.  Again, I used the Wild Card cartridge for this one.  I wish I could tell you where all of the paper is from.  I know the card itself is from the Cricut cardstock, but the rest was just pulled out of my scraps drawer.  Sorry!  I didn't try cutting an envelope, because I didn't want to waste paper after the moster envelope fiasco, so I cut the card to the size to fit in an A2 envelope and figured that will be the norm until I've used the baby bug enough to warrent getting an Expression.  :)
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