Sunday, March 4, 2012

Smiley Cards Handbook

As I have mentioned before, I purchased the digital cartridge Smiley Cards, which can only be used with a Gypsy or Cricut Craft Room (I use CCR).  When I purchased it, I downloaded a digital copy of the handbook to my computer, so I would know what images I had to work with.  However, I am apparently a more tactile person that I knew and I found that I was frequently forgetting about things that were on the cartridge because I didn't have a handbook to sit and browse through.  I LOVE browsing through my handbooks, by the way.  So, making myself a handbook for Smiley Cards became a craft in itself.  I went to Meijer and bought a cute 4x6 picture album.  After spending hours figuring out how to print a pdf so that each page was one 4x6 picture, I pulled out my old stash of picture paper that I had saved up every time I bought a new printer and they included some freebies.  Sometimes it pays to be a packrat.  I printed out each of the pages, glued the cover to the cover of my album, and just slid the rest of the pages into the album.

I didn't have any photo black ink in my printer, so all of the images that were supposed to be black actually came out teal.  That's ok, I like teal.  This has been great, because now I can sit and compare the images on this cartridge to the ones from the physical cartridges that I own.  And I assumed the P.C. wouldn't mind, since I did spend almost $60 on the cartridge and it was only for my own home use. 
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