Saturday, September 7, 2013

My craft room is painted!

Hello again from my new craft room! After a week of painting, touching up, and more painting, I thought I would share a quick pic of my room at the end of phase one. I love the color! It came out just how I wanted it.

Phase two, which won't happen for a couple of weeks, will be having the carpets cleaned and putting in shelving in the closet.

Phase three will be moving in and putting in the cupboards. After that we'll have to focus on other rooms for awhile.

At some point, my husband is going to put in hardwood floors for me, and I want to do something I saw on Pinterest to dress up the windows. Also, you can't tell from this picture, but there's a door from the upstairs bathroom into the craft room that we will be ripping out and closing up. Plenty of changes in the future!

Next week my husband goes back to work, so I should be better able to plan my days to include a little more crafting and a little less home renovations. ;)

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