Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A life update

Good news: After almost 6 months on the market, we finally have accepted an offer on our house!  If it goes smoothly, we'll be moving in about 5 weeks, right around Halloween.

Bad news: This means that my craft room will have to be packed up at some point.  It will be one of the last rooms I pack up, but I'll also be the person mainly in charge of packing the rest of the house, so I won't get to spend the time creating that I usually can.  I will continue to craft, it just might be only a couple of cards a week rather than new cards for almost every challenge out there like it's sometimes been in the past.

Good news: At the future house, I get a new craft room!  What crafter doesn't love the chance to set up a new space every so often?

Bad news: We don't know what the future house will be yet.  We're going to rent an apartment for a few months between moving out of this house and when we find a new house/do any renovations we have to do.  I've already insisted that it be a two bedroom apartment, so I can at least have a mini-craft space, but still.

Good news:  I've known that this day was an inevitability for awhile, and have stored up many projects that I've worked on over the months to publish during the few weeks that I'm not crafting.  My Pause, Dream, Enjoy DT posts will also continue uninterrupted.  I'm nothing if not a good planner.

So, although you will notice my posting frequency go down slightly for a few weeks, please stick with me.  Once I'm all unpacked, I'll be back to full speed again!
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