Thursday, March 27, 2014

Die cut station

I'm back with an update on my craft room organization!  I've been having some trouble adjusting to my schedule with my new job, and it's been making it difficult for me to create anything.  I'm hoping that once the weekend's here the inspiration will strike.  Anyway, until then, here's what's new in my room. ;)

The number one thing that I wanted to change about my new craft room from the set up at my old house was that I wanted a die cut station.  I knew that I would use my Cricut and my Cameo both more often if they were out, plugged in, and set up rather than having to get them out, make room on the table, and set them up every time I needed them.  I spent the whole summer that we were in the apartment scouring Pinterest getting ideas.  I found ideas using tables, using desks, using old dressers.  All I knew was that I wanted it to be long enough to fit both machines and the laptop in the middle, and that it needed to be deep enough that I could cut without the cutting mats hitting the wall.
If you check out the pictures I previously posted, you'll see that I was using a long folding table with piles of things underneath.  That was only temporary, as the table had to be taken out and dragged downstairs every time we had a family gathering at our house.  Plus, it looked janky to have piles of things under a table.

So, my super awesome husband took me to Home Depot, and a few short hours later....Voila!

They're two kitchen cabinets that he hooked together...somehow.  I think it involved a power drill. I may have fallen asleep on the floor snuggling with Sophie.  He put on a white countertop and some nickel hardware I picked out.  We haven't put the white toe-kick on yet, or the white covers for the ends of the counter.  That's a project we're saving for some weekend when we are too busy to tackle any bigger house projects.  But it's functional, and it's organized, and it's just the right height that I don't have to bend over to use my cutting machines, so I'm happy!
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  1. Oh Becky I so love your new cutting station. it is so nice to have a pretty working area.
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    Have a creative day.
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  2. Great space for your machines!

  3. Thanks Becky for posting this! I am in the process of getting a craft room, and I'm gathering all pics and information for my husband!! : ) Enjoy!!

  4. Lucky you! I want a die cut station...someday!