Thursday, May 29, 2014

Travel Journal

Hi everyone!  Today's post is a little different- instead of a project, I have a recommendation.  I was recently on vacation for a week in Florida and Georgia (resulting in a super busy week of catching up at work this week, which is why I have no projects to share) and I decided that while I was there I would keep a travel journal/scrapbook using an old Amy Tangerine daybook that I'd picked up on clearance.  I have a ton of these kind of mini albums in a bin in my craft room for just such an occasion.

Before we left, I put together a little kit in a storage box I found at the dollar tree.  It had some letter stamps from the dollar section at my grocery store, some washi tape, some adhesive, some mini ink pads, and some pre-stamped embellishments.  I also had a CD case full of some other pre-cut tags and things, a small paper trimmer, a smash pen, and the smash scissors (which are wonderful- seriously, my husband used them to cut a tag off of something and he was like "these are so sharp!")  I used the stickers and bits that were from the same collection as the daybook and decorated the pages up a little bit, so it was almost ready to go before we even left.

So each night before bed, I'd spread out on the table in the hotel room with my supplies and whatever brochures I had from the day's activities.  I also put some scrap paper in the album in places where I wanted a photo.  I journaled about things as they happened- not just the big things that will end up in my 12x12 album, but little things like how much I like the beach umbrella we bought or what we ate for breakfast.  It was so fun, and I know I'm going to keep doing it for future vacations.  I'll still do my regular pages, and probably even a few pages in my divided page album, but this is something a little special of its own.  I definitely recommend it.

And, because I am so meta, here's a photo of where I was scrapbooking my vacation while I was on vacation...that will probably end up in the vacation scrapbook.
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