Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I have been hearing a lot about corner bookmarks and have been curious how to make them.  After finding a tutorial on this blog I had the perfect chance to try them when my husband and I were going to be reading the same book at the same time!  I had to work extra hard to make his masculine enough that he wouldn't be embarrassed of it.  I always find it so much easier to make cute, girly things!

Can you guess whose is whose? I cut the squares to be 7 inches, which came out a little big.  Next time I think I'll use a piece of 6x6.
Here's my Create-a-Critter squirrel.  He was cut at 2 inches.

Here's DH's Four Legged Friends fish, also at 2 inches.  I thought it had the potential to be a little more masculine than the one from Create a Critter, because it reminds me of a beta fish.  Those are supposed to be fighting fish, so they're tough, right?
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