Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feeling Buggy

Before I start this post, I have to give credit where credit is due.  I lifted this idea from Cricut My Way, because I saw her bee/ladybug post and was totally obsessed with how cute they are.  She, in turn, got her inspiration from Card Positioning Systems.  When I saw her idea, I thought it would make a really cute mini card set, but I didn't think two cards were enough.  So I simplified the design a little bit and added two more cute insects from the Create a Critter family.

The cards are cut at 4 inches.  From there, I cut the white squares at 3.75 inches, the black strips at 1 inch, the colored strips at .75 inches, the black squares at 2 inches, and the colored squares at 1.75 inches.  The black squares on the purple and pink cards are 1.5 inches and the black squares on the green and yellow cards are at 1.25 inches.  I cut the insects from the Create a Critter cartridge at 2 inches, along with a white shadow for each one to make them stand out a little.  As always, I used Paper Studio cardstock, although the pink paper was thinner (from my stash) and I suspect it may have been from my earlier, Dollar Tree scrapbooking supplies days.  :)

Now the problem is that I love them so much, I can't stand to give them away.
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