Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dry erase board

Pinterest is an addictive thing.  I often find things that I think would be really cute, and then tweak them for my own.  So, when I saw this board from Craftaholics Anonymous, I pinned it and filed it away.

A few weekends ago, my husband and I were cleaning out the guest room closet (aka where everything gets shoved to get forgotten) and I found a big, black frame with an old joke diploma in it that I didn't need any more.  A little goo gone later (to get rid of the label that had been affixed to the front), I had a clean black frame.

To make the white background, I found our thickest wrapping paper and just taped it on backwards.  The words were cut with Lyrical Letters.  If I could do it again, I would probably make them smaller, but I didn't feel like wasting more black cardstock, because it's like gold in my craft room, so I left it.  Everything doesn't have to be perfect, right?

Then I made some roses out of coffee filters that I had dyed with food coloring.  I like things to be free as much as possible.  I hot-glued them onto the corner.  Granted, I don't think mine looks as good as the one at Craftaholics Anonymous, but that's why she's a professional crafter and I'm just tinkering in my craft room.  :)

I plan to use it to remind myself of various craft ideas that I've had and occasions that are coming up that I need to make cards for.  :)

7/12/12 update:

I am kind of a clutz and ripped a hole through the paper of my board by pushing too hard when I was writing on it.  So, off to the Dollar Tree I went and got some white posterboard.  In the time between when I first made the frame and when I ripped it, I got Baby Steps, and I absolutely love the font, so I used it on my replacement board.  Here it is:

PS- I keep the cute little worm from 9 months on it for decoration.  :)
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