Monday, November 18, 2013

Die storage

Hi friends!  I've got a pretty busy week this week, so since I won't have a ton of time for creating, I thought it would be a fun time to share some organization from my new craft room!

Today’s storage idea is one that I brewed on for quite awhile.  I generally use electronic die cutters for most of my crafts.  But there were some things that I just really wanted manual dies for, and I already had a Cuttlebug, so I just went and bought a set of the long plates and I use them for my dies.  But, how to store all these random dies?  There was such a variety  of sizes, that I couldn’t find a good way to keep them.   
I spent a lot of time on Pinterest looking through different ideas.  In the end, I bought a cheap 12x16 frame from Michaels and used a 50% off coupon- so it came out to $5.  On Amazon, they sell rolls of magnet in various sizes- I bought a 12x24 sheet.  I had to smash it under a heavy box for a few days, but it unrolled pretty well.  Then I adhered the magnet to the cardboard backer from the frame.  I had to cut off the excess magnet, which I’m sure I’ll end up using for some crafty thing down the road.  

I took the glass out of the frame, and just put the cardboard backing with the magnet back in.  That’s it!  Now my dies stick to the magnet, and since I don’t plan on getting too many more manual dies this is a great storage solution for me.  If you have a ton of dies this wouldn’t be as good of a solution.  For example, some day I would love to buy more Lawn Fawn stamps, and many of them have matching dies now.  If I did that, I think I would keep those dies on magnet sheets in with my stamps or something, because there would be too many for my board.  But for now, even my stamp-coordinating dies are on the board (I have a set of Paper Smooches dies that go with my clipboard stamps) because of the low quantity.

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