Monday, July 7, 2014

Dog card

Are you surprised?  No, because dogs are my favorite subject to craft about.  ;)  Sometimes I just have a little bit of free time and no real reason to make a card, and this was one of those times.  I had been wanting to make this cut that I got from the Silhouette Store for awhile, so I cut it out and glittered the heart.  Then I decided it would look really cute on a plain-ish card.

I used a pre-made card base that I got a gazillondy years ago at the Target dollar spot, put some of my dog paw washi tape down the side, and then used three black gems to balance it out.  I went back and forth with other papers and things, but it always came back down to this.

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  1. What a cute pup! I would make dog cards all the time too, but I think people would get tired of them (especially those cat lovers).

  2. You made the right choice! Super cute dog card.

  3. So stinkin cute! Love this little pup, love your "plainish" card :)