Saturday, October 5, 2013

A peek into my craft room

Now that I've got my craft room up and functional, I thought I'd give you all a peek into my creative space.  There are still a few things that need to get done, which I'll explain as I go along, but it's working for me for the time being, and that's all that matters.  I really like organizing (I'm a bit compulsive like that) so I think I'll probably go into more detail on some things in later posts.

The first picture was taken from the hallway.  Two main things are left to be done in this picture- I still haven't touched the windows/window treatments (yeah, that rolling blind left behind by the old owner definitely fell on my head on Thursday night) and the table that is currently functioning as my cutting station along the back wall will be replaced by white cabinets.  That's why there's just stuff piled up under the table- those are the things that I had planned to put in the cabinet. 

The second picture was taken from the door of the laundry room, which is right off of the craft room.  The closet doors are closed because I only have shelves in one half.  We're still looking for white shelves that are the right size for the other half, so it's just full of stacked up boxes.  

And, the last picture is from the current closet area, where you can see the door to the laundry room. Sophie's bed is over there under a window.  She's pretty much claimed the craft room as her own.  Any time I can't find her, I just go look there and she's snoozing away.

So there it is!  Even though there are many things I want to work on in there, it's still a space that I'm really happy in.  Also, it smells better than any room in the house because I always keep an air freshener with some sort of fall type of scent plugged in. 

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